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Thread: 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ira R. View Post
    Now that is some real incentive!
    Bring yourself to Charlotte and we can have pearl white 95's staged together at Z Max!

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    I'll meet you guys in Charlotte and may make the first leg up to Martinsville. My heap will be ready to roll by June! Also looking at the 2019 Epic Drive.

    Chris: So sorry, I haven't gotten back to you about the shift button. I haven't forgotten you I've just been very busy. I'll put some pictures together now.

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    Sorry, just realized you asked me a question.

    Sadly I will not be attending this years HRPT.

    I had planned on doing the Epic Drive as i really had a great time doing that with other SC folks, well as another week Vaca in FL with family at the end of May, first week in June, to many things going on to make this years tour, but I will plan on doing it next year if there is another HRPT.

    BTW The Epic Drive would be a great test to see if your junk can handle a week long trek across the country! LOL Just Saying.

    Who ever goes, have a great time!

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