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Thread: 91 Project Questions

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    91 Project Questions

    I just picked up a 91 SC automatic that I am going to attempt to save from becoming a parts car. The body is very straight except for the area underneath the rear side window on the driver's side. It looks like it actually cracked and when I broke a small piece off, it looks like a thick layer of body filler covered by paint. Not sure what is up with that unless someone did a bad patch at some point. The paint on it looks like a very amateur job was done sometime in its life.

    Anyway, the worst part of it is the interior and the brakes. The prior owner removed the abs booster and master cylinder and also cut the brake lines in the process. He was going to convert to hydraulic brakes but gave up on it. I am probably going to complete the conversion, since that is probably the cheapest way to go at this point. A booster and master cylinder came with the car, but my main concern is what to do with the cut lines. I have read the very long post that covers the conversion using the non-SC booster and Crown Vic master cylinder and there were some mentions of how to flare the lines, but not a lot was said.

    Also, I pretty much need the complete interior. Does anyone know the best place to get seat covers that actually look good and will fit these seats?

    What would you recommend for the dash and the plastic parts of the interior?

    As for the rest of the project, all of the lights work, even the fog lamps. Most of the power options, like the power antenna, seats and windows, still work. The key pad on the door even works to unlock the door. The only lights on in the dash cluster are the antilock brake light (understandable) and one that says "check gauge". Does anyone know what that means?

    The car has been sitting for quite some time, but the engine started without too much trouble and now starts at the turn of the key. I was able to drive it onto the trailer to bring it home (using the parking brake). It now starts at the turn of the key and idles pretty good with no smoke or valvetrain noise.

    Any leads you might have on the interior parts, especially the dash and seat covers, would be appreciated.
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