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Thread: SOLD - 1989 AOD SC - was 12.58 sec when running

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    SOLD - 1989 AOD SC - was 12.58 sec when running

    In mid-2007 this car exhibited white exhaust smoke symptoms of burning coolant, so I stopped driving it. It has been in an outside storage yard in SoCal where I live ever since - I have no room for it at home. Being the original owner and having put a lot of time & money into the car (and many great memories), I really did not want to part with it but have been too busy to pursue the repair.

    After expending over 11 years of storage costs and endless vacillation (fix or sell) I finally realize that it’s unlikely I will be the one to get it back on the road, so I’d like to get into the hands of someone who will. I would hate to see it parted.

    It was a street/strip car (with emphasis on strip) and it never failed any CA smog inspections.

    My best run at the track was in 2003: 12.58 @ 107 with an MP ported S-Model M90 supercharger. This was before adding more mods including a second intercooler (air-water), a Snow methanol injection kit, Swain combustion chamber coatings, Coy Miller Type-R heads/cam, CMRE Ύ” raised lower intake, and line locks. Nitrous has never been used or planned and I had hoped to break into the 11s without it.

    Last dyno’d 10/2005: 341 RWHP, 454 FP torque

    I am selling this as a complete package of everything I have related to the car – please don’t ask for individual items. It includes trailer, original parts that were removed for upgrading, and some new awaiting installation. I’m hoping for a good home where someone can bring it back to life and enjoy it.

    The car and trailer paints are heavily oxidized from sitting in the sun. Some weatherstripping is loose and/or missing, engine area is dusty from sitting – needs a lot of elbow grease to approach respectability. Has always been a SoCal car; never seen snow and never been smoked in. There is repaired damage at the Cobra R passenger side hood hinge (see photo); otherwise, body is free of dents.

    All tires, although having most of original tread, are at least 11 years old and should be replaced.

    Other than what was mentioned, I can’t think of anything that did not work when it went into storage. However, after 11 years, realistically, some components might have failed or need rebuilding – I have no way of knowing. I did notice that the rear view mirror came unglued.

    Between the mods and the trailer, I’ve got in the neighborhood of $40K invested. Will sell for $9K as is. I want to give you folks who can appreciate these SCs first crack at buying. If no interest, I’ll put it on Ebay.

    Thanks for looking.

    Items are located in Azusa, Los Angeles County, CA for pickup by buyer.

    Link to photos


    • 122,412 total miles. Started modding around 98K when head gaskets were replaced.
    • Coy Miller Stage II engine “kit.” I didn’t want to send my engine to him, just my heads/cam, which he reworked. He sent me the rest of the Stage II parts for me to upgrade locally.

    Around 2006 I replaced the earlier CMRE heads/cam with CMRE type R-heads (split port) and matching cam.

    • Swain coatings: valve faces, heads (combustion chambers only), piston domes & skirts
    • EEC tuner
    • Felpro MLS HGs
    • Main support girdle
    • Solid motor mounts
    • Turnbuckle torque strap
    • MSD 60# injectors
    • Custom oversized fuel rail
    • Kirban AFPR
    • 255 LPH fuel pump
    • Rail-mounted fuel pressure gauge
    • Magnecor competition 8.5mm plug wires
    • Griffin aluminum radiator
    • 180 deg. thermostat
    • Remote oil cooler
    • Pro-M 77mm MAF
    • K&N 10" cone filter at passenger fender with hinged air scoop beneath for racing.
    • Magnum Powers (MP) 3.5” intake tube
    • MP 85mm throttle body
    • MP inlet plenum
    • MP MagnaPorted S-model M90 supercharger
    • ESM 10 rib quick change pulley set
    • Two intercoolers in the intake system:
    o Custom air-air FMIC w/2 10” puller fans, using Spearco 3.5” x 13” x 24” 2-205 core & 3” tubing
    o Custom air-water IC after the FMIC w/double pass water circulation. Is piped to insulated 5 gallon (ice)water cell in trunk with Lightning pump switch on console
    • CMRE Ύ” raised lower intake
    • 16 gallon fuel cell in trunk
    • SCPI medium tube headers w/black jet hot coating
    • SCPI “Big Dawg” exhaust - Dual 2.5" w/high flow cats to single 3.5" w/Borla XR-1 resonator to dual 2.5" w/Dynamax Super Turbos
    • Trunk mounted battery with Flaming River push-pull T-handle rod disconnect through bumper.
    • Cobra R hood
    • Aluminum driveshaft
    • Driveshaft safety loop
    • Lentech Street Terminator Plus AOD
    • 10” non-lockup torque converter
    • Art Carr deep trans pan
    • Remote trans cooler w/fan
    • B&M Hammer ratchet shifter
    • 3.73 SVO rear end
    • 145 mph speedometer
    • Autometer gauges: water temp, boost, fuel cell level, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, trans temp
    • Innovate air/fuel gauge
    • AutoMeter Ultimate II Tachometer 6881 w/shift light/memory
    • Stock street rims & tires
    • Line locks w/protected arming switch on console and engage/disengage pushbutton on shifter handle
    • Aluminum bulkhead (per NHRA specs) behind rear seat location to isolate trunk area from interior due to fuel cell in trunk

    Loose items
    • Carson Trailer – 2004 Deluxe Car Hauler. Two axles, both with electric brakes. GVWR 7,000 lbs. Less than 3,000 miles. Includes 4 tie-downs for car.
    • Stock driveshaft
    • Two air dams from junkyard
    • Intercooler water sprayer – used on original IC
    • Ford code reader
    • Original AC compressor, condenser, etc. (worked when removed)
    • Radiator-width custom AC condenser
    • Original AOD transmission rebuilt w/SVO wide ratio gears and TransGo shift kit
    • Two aluminum spare rims with tires (front skinnys for racing) - weigh 30# each w/rubber
    • Hoosier Quick Time Pro 28X13.5-15LT on 15x10 alloy rims for the track. Rim w/slick weighs 41#
    • Front coilover shocks/springs: Direct bolt in kit. 350# springs, QA1 12 click adjustable shocks
    • Rear seat
    • Ford publications: Shop Manual for 1989 T-Bird & Cougar including wiring diagrams package
    • MN12 Performance rear knuckle kit
    • Innovate LM1 data logger

    Radio removed – not available
    Removed fog lights & bumper louvers - included
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    Price reduced

    Well...the response so far has vastly underwhelmed my expectations!

    So, special to you guys - this weekend only: $4,500.

    And I don't care anymore if it's parted.

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