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Thread: AOD differences?

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    AOD differences?

    Hey guys!

    Anyone have any idea whether the AOD transmission differs in any way between the SC and regular V6 cars?

    Same for the flexplate and torque converter

    I understand they are all AOD transmissions, i mean internally, similar to how the V6 mustang T5 was different to the T5 in the GT.

    Any clues?

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    Yes, many differences. The SC used the largest factory servo for OD. 5.0 birds used a smaller one, and v6 ones used even smaller still. There are fewer clutches used in the v6 trans. The v6 torque converter is actually a higher stall speed than on the SC due to the SC having much more low end torque, and the flex plate is different due to the SC engine being internally balanced and the NA v6 being externally balanced. Basically if you put a v6 aod behind an SC engine, you will quickly blow it up. A 5.0 bird trans will hold up ok as long as you don’t get on it in OD. Any of them can be built up to SC specs or better, but for the money you would spend on rebuilding that boat anchor of a trans, you could do a 5-speed or a 4r70 swap.

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    Gotcha boss.

    Thanks for the info

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