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Thread: Built SVO V6

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    Built SVO V6


    Gauging the interest in selling my build SVO V6 motor as a package. Invoices from SCU add up to $14,000 for the package, asking that as such. Separating the D1SC, injectors, and Magnum Powers pulley will drop the price $2,000. I've got two interested parties in separating the forced induction and long block already, if you are interested in this as well I can add you to the list.

    The only remaining work I'm aware of is building a set of custom exhaust headers and the induction tubing. Buyer will have to find a shop to conduct this work.

    You can read about the history of the build here (please, do not bump the thread).

    If you have any questions please feel free to DM me

    Full work/parts list below:

    • Stef's custom fabricated oil pan
    • Comp Cams custom billet cam
    • Wiseco custom pistons with pins and rings
    • Durabond cam bearings
    • Speed Pro main bearings
    • Clevite rod bearings
    • SVO double roller timing chain set
    • Clean, prep, debur block. Remove oil galley plugs, old bearings, etc.
    • Bore and hone block 4.030", straighten and true decks to 9.190" for MLS gaskets and -0- deck for pistons. 350.00
    • Mock assemble block and heads, check crankshaft clearance, piston to valve, cam timing, check bearing
    • clearances.
    • Cylinder head porting / fit custom valve seats and bronze guides to heads, install 2.125/1.710" valves surface and prep heads for assembly.
    • Custom stainless 2.125/1.710" valves
    • Custom SVO bronze valve guides
    • Custom valve seats
    • Valve springs/titanium retainers/locks/cups/seals
    • Comp Cam Magnum stainless steel rocker arms
    • 7/16" rockers studs and custom guide plates
    • 5/16" .080 wall chrome moly pushrods
    • SBF racing hydraulic roller lifters
    • ARP head studs
    • Custom fit dogbone retainer system for SVO engine to allow use of OE design SBF lifters. Includes machining to block for fitting of components
    • BHJ SFI balancer
    • Weld timing cover, fit and align crank sensor
    • 3.8L NA water pump
    • Assemble heads
    • Assemble shortblock
    • Assemble top end of the motor, fit valve train, etc
    • Denso IT 20 spark plugs
    • Lokar locking dipstick tube assembly
    • Balance crankshaft for new rotating assembly
    • Wisco custom charge for cutting valve reliefs in pistons
    • Piston top coating and skirt moly coatings
    • Hone connecting rods and pistons for oversized piston pins
    • Custom oversize piston pins required for reconditioned connecting rods bushings
    • ARP custom length stud for oil pump pick up tube attachment
    • Oil pump drive shaft
    • ARP crankshaft bolt for SVO crank
    • Procharger D1SC
    • 80lb injectors
    • MP custom crankshaft pulley (hard annodized pulley)
    • Modify intake manifold for fuel injection, smooth off carb attachment bosses
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    got to ask??

    So why are you throwing in the towel on this project?? Yours is the closest one to be done?? most of all the BIG money is already been spent??I just got to ask???....Rich
    Too many cars,too little time to drive them. Anything less than 500 cubes is a small block. If you slow down in life you will get run over..

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    bump to the top

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    bump to the top

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    Very cool engine and project. I did see it in Dave's shop and admired the oil pan but was told I couldn't have one...Lol

    That engine would be right at home in a car running a road course and high rpms.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    Got any svo stuff left?

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