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Thread: WTB an SC but donít know where to start

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    Exclamation WTB an SC but donít know where to start

    Hey ppl Iím in nor cal and Iím looking to get an SC but I want it to be a pretty specific type which will be basically impossible to find.
    Would you all suggest I 1. Get one in another city and go through the double of shipping and transferring all of the paperwork. 2. Find a good V6 locally and get an engine online and swap it in along with the appropriate parts etc.

    I want the 94-95 interior
    5 speed
    Moon roof
    And I would prefer colored/leather interior

    Any input is appreciated

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    This car is in SoCal. Don't be afraid to make an offer on it. All it needs is a shortblock. Super nice car.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
    Email me here.

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    You could always buy my 1994 SC opal frost / gray cloth and 1995 SC black / gray leather. The 95 SC is missing engine / trans, but the 94 5 speed has a good drivetrain / salvage title.
    Between the two you could make the 1995 a pretty solid car ( original 95 5 speed, clean title ) .. both have moon roofs, that and I have a bunch of extra parts to throw in.

    Located near San Jose, California.

    PM me, or email ddubb5150@sbcglobalnet to make an offer.

    - Dan

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