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    Cars and Carriers

    Apparently, I have this pet which is a chihuahua and we always travel together, recently we almost got into an accident because she was being naughty inside the car and I was distracted for awhile that alsmost got us into an accident. So I was thinking of getting one of the dog car seat so that it will be safer for her and for me. What do you think about this product?

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    I can't help but be a little harsh. If your pet almost caused an accident it's time to put it in a pet carrier and not have it loose inside the car to distract you. Just a couple seconds looking away and you could run over some poor kid walking across the street or biking next to you or broadside a full minivan. Best case you just run off the road and mess up your car but that's no good either. Plus in an accident where is the dog going to end up ??
    I use a pet taxi - - >
    That link of your's looks like they have a couple options to restrain or enclose your pet which would be the safe way to have your buddy with you.
    Just my two cents.


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    I have a small dog also. I use a lightweight nylon crate which is easy to carry and folds up when not needed. It keeps him secure and out of my lap so I can steer quickly if needed. I have a hard shell crate for long trips, but the fabric one is lightweight and great for trips to the dog park. Its really best to have something that secures to the seat. Like this one for instance.

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