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Thread: What other cars do you own?

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    Jul 2005
    1993 SC, AOD, 4.2, 2.3L TVS, 11.2 @ 122mph
    1993 SC, 5 speed, no mods, fun to drive.
    2012 F150, 3.5 Ecoboost. Tows the car really well and it goes in the snow.

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    Jul 2010
    Peterborough Ontario

    Other cars I own

    30 Ford roadster-restored to orig in 71
    Was my dads-only one I'll never sell.
    77 T-bird 10,000 orig miles
    79 F150 XLT 4X4-nice overall driver
    87 Turbo Coupe-auto-
    87 AMC Eagle wagon
    88 Turbo Coupe-5spd-needs paint
    88 Turbo Coupe-5 spd-parts car.
    89 XR-7 auto
    90 Anni-auto (parts car)
    90 Anni 5spd-could use paint & seats fun car
    90 XR-7-auto 120,000km
    93 Super Coupe-5spd
    03 Mustang-V6 auto-daily summer
    03 F150 Lariet 4X4-dailey winter.
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    Jul 2010
    Peterborough Ontario

    Other cars I own

    Duplicate post
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    Apr 2002
    2002 Ford F350 7.3L
    1999 Mercedes Benz CLK430
    2000 Mercedes Benz ML320
    1986 Mustang GT
    I would probably have more.......but I ran out of space
    1992 Thunderbird SC
    13.322 @ 102.81
    1993 Thunderbird SC 5spd..white
    2002 F350 SD Diesel (SC tow vehicle)

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    Mar 2013

    The toys!

    Name:  D31A5FB1-6EF6-445C-9AA1-82B53ABE84D2.jpeg
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    Jan 2006
    Broad Run VA
    2013 Mustang V-6 Premium

    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 TDI
    Red 94 5 Speed
    1 of 820 ( According to Marti Report)

    2018 Carlisle 1st Place Winner, 94-95 SCs
    2014 Carlisle 3rd Place Winner, 94-95 SCs
    2013 Carlisle 1st Place Winner, 94-95 SCs
    2012 Carlisle 2nd Place Winner, 94-95 SCs

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    Jun 2002
    Adrian, Michigan
    1994 Ford Thunderbird SC Automatic
    1995 Ford Thunderbird SC 5 speed manual
    1997 Ford F250 Heavy Duty 351 Automatic (for sale)
    2003 Ford Ranger 4.0 FX4 5 speed manual (daily driver)
    2013 Ford F150 5.0 FX4 Automatic
    2013 Ford Edge 3.5 AWD Automatic (wife's car)
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    SCCoA Member # 490 since 1997
    1995 SC (five speed) 12.8913@105.86
    Best 60' 1.7489

    1994 SC (automatic) 13.4829@100.23mph
    Best 60' 1.8539 On a stock long block with bolt on's

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    Sep 2015
    91 sc 5spd- waiting on me to replace head gaskets and cracked fuel line.
    02 Silverado LT ext cab- daily depending
    14 JGC Overland- daily depending
    11 Freightliner Columbia ( series 60 Detroit 14L)- daily
    Name:  20181127_201144.jpg
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    Nor Cal
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    2017 Chevy SS is mine vs. 2017 GT350R is my best friends

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    Apr 2019
    Cleveland, OH
    Here's my current arsenal.

    2004 Crown Vic LX. This is my daily driver, which I paid $200 for last September. The interior is damn clean, the A/C works, and it has a moonroof. It also has a busted RF coilover, busted sway bar links, and an exhaust manifold leak that will never get fixed due to the rust. I'm basically waiting for the wheels to fall off.

    1991 Country Squire. 5.0 lopo block, Mustang heads, "Lincoln Log" manifolds, Explorer TB, intake spacer, Lentech valve body, wide-ratio AOD, cargo coils, PI sway bar, dual exhaust, trailer prep, the list goes on. It's ugly, but does nice burnouts. And hey, there's my fat ~~~ behind the wheel.

    2003 Marauder. Ridetech coilovers, Heinous control arms, Addco sway bars, GT500 front rotors/C5 Vette calipers, Steeda underdrives, K&N CAI, Stainless Works long tube headers, tune by Marty Ochs at MO's Speed Shop.

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    May 2009
    Brownsburg, IN

    I stayed in the Ford family

    My SC will always be my baby, but I gotta admit this Focus ST is a ton of fun to drive. I'll keep my SC forever, but I know I'm also gonna keep the ST for a very long time.

    Name:  DSC00220.JPG
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    Mar 2017
    '90 SC 5sp (stock)
    '97 BMW 540iat
    '99 Opel Combo
    '68 Volvo 145
    '68 BMW 2000 Tilux
    '69 BMW 2002 Ti

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    Apr 2007
    New Orleans, LA
    I daily drive my 03 marauder- have it detuned for 87 octane all stock, I got a full 03 cobra pull out ready to go in when I get free time (probably never)
    she knocks down 22 mpgs on the hwy so i use it for traveling with work when i don't have to drive my work truck

    98 ss ls1 6spd bone stock camaro
    she knocks down 26.5 mpgs with the cruise set at 85mph so I can't complain

    01 lincoln ls 5spd
    about as rare as it gets, shes a nice grocery getter

    02 harley davidson f150 w/ 3.4 whipple tfs 195R heads 10:1 CR on e-85. Makes just over 30lbs of boost and 1,000+ rwhp. My tow truck for my toys.

    03 cobra shop car makes just over 1400rwhp, currently down swapping from a t56 to an auto and replacing the roof skin from the hood flying up

    07 gmc 2500hd, my backup tow truck to my harley. Has the 6 liter in it and with only 260rwhp it gets less fuel economy than my harley does.

    95 gt w/ 408w and vortech makes right at 800rwhp, its technically my cousins car but i daily drove it for a little over a year. Currently has my old 408 in it from my tccoa build thread from way back in the day.

    but out of all of them my absolute favorite is my black 90 supercoupe basically stock. It by far is the most comfortable and rides better than all of them combined. I have a coyote and an mt82 that madmikeyl got me to get a few years back that I hadn't had the time to swap in.

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