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Thread: How fast?

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    How fast?

    How fast have you gotten your SC up to? Mines a little tired but sheís got exhaust, 5% js, 76mm maf, rebuilt blower with some mild porting. Iíve gotten her up to 140, still climbing so I bet she could hit 150. I got a shot of me at 135 Name:  C33C60AB-C586-41D5-9FCA-EBD7D537FABB.jpeg
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    128 in the 1/4 mile and i think 130 when i was testing driveshaft vibrations.
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    I topped out an 89 XR7 5-speed many years ago. The speedo in the car only went to 120, so I watched the tach until it stopped climbing, at just under 4100rpms in 5th. When I got home I calculated it out based on the tire size and gear ratio, and it came out to 157mph. The only performance mods to that car were an aftermarket exhaust with no cats and a mid-mounted flowmaster, and a ported early style blower with a 10% OD.

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    In my younger/dumber days I managed to find the 7k rev limiter in third at ~145 MPH once or thrice.

    Otherwise, 116 MPH average through the traps at the track.

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    124 mph in the 1/4 mile...........
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    No idea, 145MPH is as high as it goes and doesn’t go past it even though tach still climbing, that’s SC life full of secrets. Of course Mexico is well known for roads closure and public displays of speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricardoa1 View Post
    No idea, 145MPH is as high as it goes and doesnít go past it even though tach still climbing, thatís SC life full of secrets. Of course Mexico is well known for roads closure and public displays of speed.
    If the bezel for the cluster is removed it will go all the way around to 0 and hit the trip reset.

    We were all young once right

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    LOL ... good one Tim.

    Mine's not an SC, but I've seen 130 in it.

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    High 150's and I got scared lol. 127 1/4 mile traps

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    I've gotten mine to 130 and I was ready to poop my pants haha. More power to you fellas who get yours to 150.

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    About 130 mph in my 91 SC, but it got there real quick.

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    I did 135 mph in my 95 5-speed SC late one night on a straight stretch of US 23 coming from Toledo Ohio headed back into Michigan. The car was still pulling hard but I got out of it anyway. The wind noise was insane.
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    As high as the speedo goes, 145+ mph in my 1994 SC. It still had plenty to go.

    - Dan

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