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Thread: 2019 Epic Drive - what to bring.

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    2019 Epic Drive - what to bring.

    FRS/GMRS Radios (Family Radio Service) set to Channel 8
    Camera and Film
    Digital Camera
    First Aid Kit
    Roadside Kit: tire repairs, compressor, flares, etc.
    Spare parts for your junk in case it throws the crank pulley, or the brake HP pump quits, or the HP fuel pump dies. Etc
    GPS System
    Clean Underwear for Passenger your.
    Umbrella and/or Poncho
    Good Attitude
    Folding Chair
    Detailing Supplies (you guys know who you are)
    Window Cleaner and Rags
    Bug Spray
    Snacks and Drinks
    Batteries for: Camera, Flashlight, Etc.
    It can get cool at night, so some warm clothes might be a good idea

    This isn't a complete list. but you get the idea.
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    Hey Chris,
    I think you get better distance if you use for channel 16. I think I heard this during the Power tour or something.
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