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Thread: SC Blower (er, supercharger) Ducting Seal Procedure

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    Quote Originally Posted by TbirdSCFan View Post
    Agree. I use black RTV; however the copper is generally better to work with. Too many people, like with other SC topics, Oh.. lets say burping the coolant, adjusting the TV cable, head gaskets.. so on and so forth, overwork the issue. This is not complicated. put a thin layer on the flanges, let it sit for a bit, bolt it together evenly.. don't overtighten anything! Done!
    Correct, high temp Permatex RTV is easiest sealer to use on SC motor and IC tubes.

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    I think the general attitude here is that RTV works just fine.

    In that case, I will definitely not be making an additional batch of the Teflon IC gaskets.

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    I’ll chime in....
    My experience - NO sealer - clean surfaces
    Leave the blower top bolts in but loose.
    Work up the clamp bolts evenly and do not over tighten.
    Let the tube joints, and intercooler joints find a nice fit and work the tightness up 1/2 turn at a time.

    I have done this several times and maybe been lucky but never had a vac leak .

    I think it is more about the tubes seating nicely than over tightening.

    Tighten up the blower top screws last, this allows the tube/ball joints to seat where they want to.
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