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Thread: Help me not burn it to the ground!

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    Help me not burn it to the ground!

    Hello All, Iím new to the SC world, coming from the fox bodies and 5.0ís for several years. I bought a Ď92 five speed yesterday after finding one for $600. I get it home and start trying to mend the wounds of being beaten to death by some meth heads in a trailer park that owned it before me. Anywho, the battery was junk so I replaced it with a newer one, not realizing the newer one was much talller. I go to close the hood and BAM the the whole connector apart, a hole in the underside of the hood, and welded the tightening bolt to the hood. Rookie mistakes will get you every time. So ever since this and ever since getting a newer much better fitting battery, the car starts with no quarrel, but it has a check engine light on and it stutters, hesitates, vibrates, falls on its face has no power and all around misfires. Iím assuming itís the crank sensor, cam sensor, or DIS module but I not sure which one. The tach DOES still work but sometimes itís will lag behind or sort of do a 700 rpm dance. The most strange thing, is if you start it up and immediately rip on it, like say, at a redlight, itís wont throw a check engine light or run like garbage until the tach come back down to almost idle. What does everyone think? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I never knew I could hate a transmission more than the cable T5 and then I met the M5R2... thanks ford. Thanks.

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    I imagine many things, but would like to know what codes you could learn, first, before firing the parts cannon at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMT View Post
    I imagine many things, but would like to know what codes you could learn, first, before firing the parts cannon at it.
    Pulled codes. Got 33 for EGR and 16 for DIS module. Had a new DIS on standby, slapped it on and good to go. /End thread.

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    I also came from the Mustang world. Rebuild the shifter in the tranny (they sell kits) and you will love it compared to a T5/tremec. It is damn near impossible to miss third in it.

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