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Thread: New 35th anniversary owner in london

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    New 35th anniversary owner in london

    Hey guys.
    So I bought this 1990 super coupe 35th anniversary edition back in November from a guy in Sudbury. It has 230k on it and he was the original owner. (He sold it to his relative and bought it back at one point so technically 3 owner car). Runs rough, had no brakes and seats are pretty bad but body is in amazing shape!
    When I bought it the previous owner was in the middle of putting a new brake booster assembly in. I've got everything all hooked up and brakes bled pedal feels nice. Won't hold an idle so I haven't been able to really test them. Found some cracked vacuum hoses and found that the intercooler pipes weren't sealed and a coolant hose unplugged from the throttle body so I've decided to tear the supercharger off to get a better look and so I can go over everything, replace some hoses, clean everything up and do plugs and wires while I've got it all apart.
    My old man had a 89 sc when I was a kid and the damper pulley went on it and I helped him swap the motor on it. Ever since I've Loved these cars. For the last 2 years I've been watching kijiji trying to find the right kne. When this one popped up the deal was too good not to jump on it. Was a 1000km trip to bring it home. Can't wait to get it on the road this summer and drive it.

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    Heres some pics
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    Congrats on the 35th, I saw that on kijiji too but have too many cars in the yard as it is. Good luck with it and keep us posted on how it's coming along. Supercoupe Performance has proper replacement seat covers, though a little spendy.

    Cheers Tom

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