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Thread: Positive/Negative battery cables for a 90 SC

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    Positive/Negative battery cables for a 90 SC

    Looking for a used, but complete, set of battery cables for a 90. Everything from the terminals, to all the branching connectors reaching the starter. I realize by now most battery terminals are shot or have aftermarket ends...that's OK. As long as all the other connectors/ends are OK so that I can plug and play on my 90SC.

    I'm trying to salvage the terminals on my 35th to see if they can maybe be repro'd at a later time, so I want to replace with a good set of used cables with new terminals.

    Let me know what you have!

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    I'd be careful w/older cables...corrosion can hide under the sheath and create resistance you might not want to deal with later.

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