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Thread: Anyone ever use this radiator from Rock Auto on their SC?

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    Anyone ever use this radiator from Rock Auto on their SC?

    I found that rock auto sells this radiator:

    It is an all aluminum design. Mine is leaking badly around the upper tank and am wondering (it is either brass or copper radiator) if I should get mine fixed (it looks like an aftermarket radiator), or just replace it.

    Any thoughts or opinions?


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    Mine looks identical, but I didn't source it from RA. Been running it for several years, no issue, performs great. Looks good under the hood.

    Fitment w/the IC frame took a minor bit of work, but no drama. Only thing I don't like is that the cap clocking on the filler neck is off a touch on mine. Drain cock works well still.

    I think you can find that one from various outlets, so be sure to shop price/shipping for the best deal.

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    I got one similar to that also. No issues. Worked good on my stock car. Got it for 85 bucks back in the day. Not from RA.
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    I have one like it on my 93. No issues either.
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