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Thread: Three super coups for sale in Memphis.

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    Three super coups for sale in Memphis.

    Three super coupes for sale 90 white auto runs but has been driven a lot.
    93 auto red ugly with rebuilt moter and trans both 5000 miles.
    Damaged fender and hood. Both pretty bad interior.
    91 auto black good body ugly paint outside but great interior blown head.
    Would like to sell all three
    I am in Memphis Tn.
    Want out of super coups to finish my 71 Torino cobra.
    Sorry no pics. Maybe if there is interest.
    Cars are all ugly and worn.
    All clean titles.
    Not sure what they are worth?
    (Not much)
    I drove the 90 daily for 12 years.
    Good memories!!

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    I'm a little curious about your white automatic Super Coupe:
    Is it roadworthy/safe to drive?
    Is the paint pretty good?
    Does it have original wheels?
    Interior color?
    A/C works?
    Does the front bumper have SC embossed? Does the front bumper cover have any busted teeth or other problems?
    Any special options (like leather fold-down rear seats, moonroof, keyless entry, etc.)?

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    It is white.
    Was repainted. Looks ok.
    I donít think I would call it roadworthy.
    Aftermarket wheels.
    Keyless entry
    Grey Leather fold down rear seats
    Stock front and rear bumper with letters on both
    Not sure about teeth.
    Engine runs well
    Transmission shifts.
    Rear wheel bearing bad right side.
    Interior well used.
    Ac works but leaks out in about a month.
    I drove this car over 90,000 miles for about eight years.
    I can send photos if you want.
    Georgia is a long way.
    Would not suggest driving that far

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