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Thread: Tires scraping in rear wheel well

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    Tires scraping in rear wheel well

    Just inherited a 1991 SC which has been lowered. Noticed when driving there is a scraping noise on passenger side. I have inspected and there is no scrape marks nor any sign of wheel scraping the well. Anyone have any ideas what this could be? Never owned a car that has been lowered.

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    Check the metal dust shields to see if they are contacting the rotors...including jacking it up and seeing if either wheel bearing has play/noise in any direction that would allow contact when loaded, but in your example, grab it at the bottom and see if it moves in/out. Confirm the ABS sensors are not mis-located/damaged at the center section. Check pads/rotors for wear. Confirm the parking brake cable is free to move and that neither caliper is stuck/dragging. Have someone pull the e-brake lever to help confirm. Might want to adjust the e-brake cable while you're under there - fairly simple, search for details or speak up.

    Still no joy, with the backend off the floor, not letting the suspension droop, rotate the wheels one at a time and check the axle joints for noise/damage etc.

    My '90 SC is lowered 1.5" and I don't have any rubbing issues.
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    Red face Thank you

    Thank You KMT!! I am new to site and new owner of Thunderbird. Will check out your suggestions on next day off. Really appreciate it.

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