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    2019 Epic Drive progress reports

    Hey everyone!,
    How are things going getting your ride ready for this years Epic Drive. Anyone beside Jacob doing a major upgrade or just minor things.

    Personally, I could leave tomorrow, but I just want to get some small things taken care of like:

    New door seals all around
    Extended length lug nuts
    Replace A/C Compressor
    Replace A/C Condenser\
    Replace radiator
    Find a good under body shield to improve air flow

    That's about it really.

    Anyone staying busy or is it too dang cold where you are?

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    I have a rebuilt supercharger, 60 lb injectors and lowering springs to get installed before spring. I hope it happens. I also would like to get the front bumper painted and a couple of other areas repainted but mainly the front the bumper it really needs it.
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    Looks like I'll probably be taking the 5-speed 97 again. I just had to get a new driveshaft for it because there was play in the slip yoke, which resulted in a nasty vibration at anything over 80mph, but that is now fixed. Also last night I found out I need new wiper blades, but other than that, it is ready to go.

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    If I make it Iím going to need new rear tires. Iíve also got a timing tensioner or follower issue that I need to work out.

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    Need to swap out motor, replace odometer gears, maybe rebuild trans just for good measure, new fuel pump, put on kooks mid lengths, ditch the stock exhaust, replace diff fluid, register n insure, daily drive for awhile to make sure its worthy of a long as road trip!
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    I'm still waiting on a bunch of parts to show up that I already paid for. There is no way my red car will make the epic drive! If I did have it done I wouldn't have enough time to troubleshoot it before the trip. Putting together a 90 five speed I acquired out of spare parts. Hopefully it is OK but I'm doing ALOT! I did a quick rebuild on a known good motor from a 95. Rod and main bearings oil pump head studs water pump. Putting a, late model blower and injectors on it. Dbl ic 75mm tb cold air intake a tune a wideband and boost Guage I have an assortment of pulleys.. Its a five speed with a rebuilt trans news spec clutch and flywheel. Already has exhaust done also has vacuum brake conversion decent recent paint cowl hood all new suspension and brakes. Swapping in a 3.27 diff. Should be a decent ride if I get it done
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