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Thread: Back at it!

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    Back at it!

    Just purchased 35th ani 5 speed. Always liked it even when owning my 93sc, which ultimately went to the junk yard a bunch of years back as no one wanted it for parts. Still regret that as it likely just needed some tlc but was in no position to provide it having just had twins.

    This has some idle issues and sputtering/jerking when driving and previous owner believes it is a vacuum issue. From many posts here and on facebook, that seems to be correct. Hoping to have her ready for the meet her in WI come end of summer!
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    Thumbs up

    Looks like a pretty nice car.
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    Sweet! Welcome back!!
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    Welcome Back JHOFFA! And congrats on that beautiful SC, very nice looking.

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    Nothing like those three weeks of summer in Twin Cities

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