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Thread: 1997 Thunderbird Cougar Cluster/Radio/Shifter Bezels

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    1997 Thunderbird Cougar Cluster/Radio/Shifter Bezels

    Pulled some trims at Pick n Save from a 97 Cougar.
    They're tanish/brown in color not sure the actual color code for the interior. All mounting points are present (except the ones pictured).

    IM if interested, otherwise they'll be going on ebay.

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    interested in parts

    How much for all the parts? I don't need them or even know if the dash mounting holes can be repaired but would like as a spare. You never know since these parts are harder and harder to come by. Feel free to text me if needed.


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    interested in Cluster Surround Trim

    interested in the Cluster Surround Trim, it won't let me message you though.

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