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Thread: Clutch pedal lever bushing popping/breaking off fixed!!

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    Clutch pedal lever bushing popping/breaking off fixed!!

    Hey everyone! I wanted to post a quick fix of my clutch pedal bushing I fixed that kept popping off and breaking so that in case other 5 spd SC owners are having the same problem, they can see 1 way of fixing this.

    I got tired of buying new clutch lever bushings every few times I drove my SC. Both replacements, the variety pack (white colored) in auto "help" section which includes a variety pack 1 being for our SC and also the factory single black clutch lever bushing from Ford. I do not drive the car to much so I kept forgetting to look into this problem of my clutch pedal popping off and breaking the clip. I came up with a solution acouple of nights ago after crawling underneath and trying fig. out a easy fix without removing the clutch pedal assembly.
    It was a tight fit but managed to eventually get my hands under there and fix it, this is how and what I used.

    1 broken lever bushing which I trimmed all the way down past the broken clips to where it slides thru the clutch master cylinder rod. The broken and trimmed down clutch pedal bushing is still needed otherwise the clutch pedal will have alot of play without it.

    1 washer to slide over clutch lever (dont know exact size) not to thick so a "hitch pin" can fit into the clutch lever pedal groove it keeps sliding off of.

    1 hitch pin- (dont know exact size but pin is thick and strong). I pushed the hitch pin into the groove while it was locked into my little locking pliers, then released the locking pliers while pushing the pin up with my other hands finger so it goes in when released.(tight fit but managed)

    Fixed! I pumped the clutch atleast 50 times and drove it for the day and the hitch pin is still on good. Glad this was a easy fix.

    I'll post afew pics, including 1 showing the hitch pin in place I took with my phones front facing camera.
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    Dang those pics are big... Ill have to check the settings next time.

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    Cool. I'll have to get in there and check mine out.
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