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Thread: tension strut bushing question

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    tension strut bushing question

    Trying to find tension strut bushing for 91 SC. I have found online bushings were tension strut were attaches to frame but not the bushing (?) were tension strut goes thru lower control arm and there is a large nut at end. Looking for bushing were tension strut goes thru lower control arm. Any ideas? Also I'm sure removing tension strut will through my alignment out of wack. There are three nuts, one large one at end of tension strut near lower control arm, on nut on inside of frame and 1 nut on outside of frame ( two bushings and two plates between these two)Need to know which nut adjusts alignment so I know which one to count turns or exposed threads so when I reassemble I can get close to alignment to get to shop for alignment.

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    The control arm side ones are the easy ones to get, since the aftermarket ones work fine. If the ones on the frame side go bad, that is a problem since only the OEM Ford ones work there, and they are long since obsolete. The once on the control arm side can be found here,7608

    As for getting the alignment close, what I do when I have to replace those is I don't touch the strut rod to frame bolts at all, but I take the lower control arm out of the subframe, but you can leave the ball joint attached. Before doing anything, take a paint marker and mark 2 places on the alignment cam to the subframe, one straight down and one about 90 degrees from it. Now remove the rear nut from the strut rod where it goes through the control arm, then remove the bolt holding the control arm in the rear subframe. You will now be able to swing the whole suspension back and out enough to get it off the strut rod. Replace the front bushing, then slide the suspension back in place and slide the new rear bushing on, re-align the marks on the alignment cam and tighten the bolt, then tighten the rear bolt. If the marks are lined up perfectly, then the alignment will be the same as it was before doing anything.

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    Some good info courtesy racecougar in this thread:

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    Just joined as full member today. Still trying to figure out web page and were everything is. Would like to Thank KMT for all of his help on previous questions. Spent morning at junkyard with a 93 TB 3.8L. Ran into a Ford mechanic who told me to hold onto my TB SC for as long as I can since they will be worth something someday. Starting to realize you really need to love these cars since finding quality parts is an issue. I guess that's half the fun. The more I tear this car apart the more I love it ( as long as I can find a replacement part).

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    I agree 100% about these cars Englishbulldog!
    btw Welcome!

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