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Thread: OBD EEC-IV test not working or reading codes

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    Simply plug it in and go. Just be careful to treat it like any computer board. Be sure to install the center bolt on the main's the ground. Might want to confirm it talks to your code reader first, before you see if the car will actually fire.

    The EEC-IV* is a 'learning' box, meaning it will store learned values from it's sensors as the car is driven that it will use to fine tune itself, vs. stored default values that enable the car to run while it learns. Takes 15~20 minutes of driving, at least over 40mph. Point is don't panic if it hunts a bit when first started.

    *Good info here, including about how high impedance grounds can drive it nuts...
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    Well just updating so if someone has a similar problem they can read these posts. Got a new ECU replaced it and started the car, ran without any issues after about three years of sitting. Thank you guys for the help!

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    Nice job! Thanks for the follow up and good luck w/the SC.


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