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Thread: Is it possible to run the larger 'Sport' pack 11.61" front rotors with PBR Calipers?

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    Is it possible to run the larger 'Sport' pack 11.61" front rotors with PBR Calipers?

    I need to makeover the front brakes on my 95 SC. They are all factory and all junk, warped rotors (from being undersized from the beginning) and all. I know that there are larger rotors on the 'Sport' packages, on the 96-97 tbirds (maybe just 97), but those are single piston. The brake rotor is larger, 11.61" or so vs. puny 10.8" stock. I want to go with the PBR Mustang Caliper conversion, but that will limit me to the mustang 10.8" (and factory tbird) rotors. Is there any combination of parts will allow the use of the Sport 11.61" rotor and PBR calipers?


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    Not with the Mustang GT PBRs, no.

    What you may also do is a) do the hub swap to get to the Mustang pattern, then b) swap in the Cobra brakes.

    Although, TBH, I don't know why you're hung up on the larger rotor; the smaller ones haul Ruby Jean down just fine.


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