I've given up on building my dream car, and as such have a host of parts floating around my garage that were going to be used in the project.

All black interior, leather seats with 60/40 split, no headliner, dash has a few cracks. Black steering wheel.

Suspension - koni adjustable shocks, eibach lowering springs, poly bushings for rear subframe including pumpkin. Might have front strut rod poly bushings still.

4.30 gear set (posi?) in the pumpkin.

Clear corner (marker) lights

2000 Lincoln LS 17" 5 spoke wheels (painted) were fitted, but used spacers. Has big beefy rubber on rears.

Front and rear bumper covers from a 96 T-Bird LX. Headlights and corner lights from 96 T-bird.

Half shafts - the beefy thick ones?

Sway bars - stock, but beefy?

Two new axle nuts for the hub.

Also a 95 Cougar body, from Florida, does not run, underside getting kinda iffy, asking scrap value.

And a host of miscellaneous parts. Just ask, I might have.

Prefer not to ship given the hassle of boxing, figuring out shipping costs, etc.

Located in Vineland out in the Niagara area.

Message me here or [email protected] as I'm bad at popping in here.