Hello all,
Itís been a while, been working ridiculous hours the last couple years. Iím a proud father, my son recently purchased a 93 SC, we knew it would need some work, she was in fair condition.

When we first bought it, we noticed the engine would cut out with higher loads. Felt to me like it was running lean, and it was getting surprisingly high mpg. Checked and fixed several substantial vacuum leaks, replaced plugs and wires, didnít help.

Noticed the PO had the wrong MAF sensor installed (Delphi P/N AF10111 for N/A and 5.0). I was able to play with a few spare miscellaneous MAF sensors and housings until it ran pretty good. Definitely have the wrong housing (90 SC) now and the sensor is unknown. It runs real good but mpg is definitely down. 19ish vacuum at idle and right at 12 lbs boost on the factory gauge.

We purchased a used OEM MAF specifically for the 93 SC and immediately it ran like crap. Pig rich, instantly flooding while cranking and wouldnít start. Had to hold the throttle wide open (fuel cutoff) to get it started, literally took half throttle to keep it running. Plumes of black smoke. Afraid to keep it running for too long, shut it down after 30 seconds. Yes we cleared the ecu memory. Checked the MAF for oring and cleaned the elements, no luck.

Reinstalled the original cobbled MAF, and she smoothed out immediately. Reinstalled the correct 93 MAF, and immediately back to pig rich. Then one more time installed the cobbled MAF, running good again. Just for giggles we unplugged the MAF and while definitely it didnít run correctly, it did start, run, and idle reliably.

Is anyone aware of a MAF bench check procedure? Afraid to keep it running for too long while flooding to check voltage. Any other ideas?

We will pull codes of course and perhaps check the ecu for the correct number. Car is all stock. Looking for any other ideas. Might try unplugging various sensors to see if it will run at all with the correct MAF.

Thanks for your help!