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Thread: 1990 SC Black Auto

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    Cool 1990 SC Black Auto

    Okay so here's the life story of the car, I bought the car from a guy who bought for his son as a project car but ended up never getting started as kid got in trouble or something. Engine needed some love and trans was slipping in 4th but still drove it home the day I bought it. I drove it to and from work for a bit and then the water pump pulley went on it for some reason. The car sat for a bit until I found a guy with an engine and trans setup that he was selling from his cougar xr7, he had engine rebuilt, ported and polished heads, 5 valve job, pulley kit, bigger throttle body think 75mm could be wrong would have to look again, cold air, headers, trans got a stage 1 kit in it. I bought the setup from him and since it was sitting for like 5 years he said but most likely more, I pulled engine apart and replaced all the gasket and replaced head bolts with ARP bolts while I was at it. After I was done with all that I installed engine and trans and the trans didn't work, I had original trans rebuilt from Ammco and swap them out real quick. Started it up and drove around the block and when I parked it I noticed it was leaking coolant, it may be from radiator or just a hose clamp not tight enough. It also had a oil leak which I am thinking it is from 1 of the front bolts that don't go into the block. I have not had the time to sit there and dig back into it to figure out those issues and I have to many other projects I would prefer to be working on so I have decided to part ways with the car. The original engine and the trans with the stage kit in it also come with this deal no exceptions as I am not about to have an engine and trans lying around with no vehicle to put it in. When I first parked the car the first time it needed a brake job so it still needs one. So yeah there you go with the life story of this car in my hands. Any other questions feel free to ask.
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