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Thread: Fox 302 install

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    Fox 302 install

    I know the ideal scenario for swapping a SC to a 302 is to use the 302 setup from a 91-93 bird. While I was completely planning on doing this I ran across a deal I could not pass up on a 302 out of an 88 mustang GT. In the excitement of picking up the motor and getting it set on the engine stand to go over is when I truly understood how much harder I had made this swap on myself. The plan for the 302 swap is to go with a carburetor set up. I'm currently deciding whether I run the stock FI pump with a good fuel pressure regulator or possibly run a mechanical pump with timing cover provisioned for mechanical pump. Fuel delivery can be handled a few different ways but where I believe I am stuck is with the whole front engine accessory setup. I have everything from the fox mustang with the exception of the power steering pump. I still have all of the SC brackets and accessories too. I do not plan to utilize any smog or air conditioning once the swap is complete. Has anyone successfully adapted the SC accessories to a
    302 without the original mn12 302 bracketry? If anyone has experiences or ideas they would like to share I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to get a perspective other than my own at this point. Thank you

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    I can find billet accessory drive kits for a 1994/1995 Mustang GT with the 5.0HO; which said motor is almost identical to a 1993 TBird/Couger 5.0HO. And has as its major variance the extension of the alternator bracket for the larger alternator ...

    Win/win IMO!


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    I would just stick with the electric in tank pump and good low pressure regulator.
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