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Thread: 1992 5spd tbird sc $2500

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    1992 5spd tbird sc $2500

    Considering selling my tbird, its a 92 5 speed with prob 130ish thousand miles. I got it a a little over year or so ago an immediately replaced or upgraded the following:
    Engine: dis module, cam sensor, coil pack, spark plugs. Upgrades include magnum powers fmic,42lb injectors, 85mm maf with sample tube, i think 85 mm tb (came on the car), scp 15%od pulleys, griffin radiator, and a 16 spal cooling fan.
    Driveline: ripper shifter and newer stock clutch
    Suspension: replaced front upper and lower control arms, sway bar links, and the bushings on the tension arms. In the rear i replaced both wheel bearings. Then did an alignment
    Tires: dunlop direzza dz102 245/45/18 100w with axis sport rims i bought all brand new last year. Probably only put 2,000 miles on them and rims are in perfect condition. Still have road hazard and the paper work which is good for another year.
    Brakes: brand new calipers on all 4 corners along with new brake hoses, kvr pads and rotors on all 4 corners purchased from scp as well. I did have to replace one section of rusted line to the rear but the rest are still decent.

    Functionally this is a great car. It needs to be tuned but it runs well as is. Body wise it has some rust but not completely terrible for a 26 year old tbird. The worst spots are a section of the passenger front floorboard and the rear pinch weld on drivers side. The fuel guage has also never worked so i just add fuel here an there. Looks are not great as far as paint and interior. I focus on the engine, suspension, and brakes before i care about looks bc tbh i had the idea of making it drift car but to much time and money for all that. I think $2500 is a very fair price an if i cant get that ill keep it. Also i will include a bosch obd1&2 scanner i bought only to use for this car which cost $320 itself. Also have stock twisted 5 star rims that will go with it. Please i a potential buyer has any questions txt or call anytime 4107088135,i dont get on sccoa very much anymore so i might not see any messages on here for a few days at least. Located in tampa.
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