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Thread: SCT chip w/ 80mm C&L MAF 36/38 (BLUE) - Never USed

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    SCT chip w/ 80mm C&L MAF 36/38 (BLUE) - Never USed

    As I said in my previous posts, I used to be active on these forums and then life happened. Anyway, I still have my SC, but the way things went I ended up not using certain parts when I built my motor forever ago. I'll list them on e-bay or just hang onto them if they don't go, but I figured I would give you all first crack at them.

    I'm listing these together because as I recall when I bought my 1.7L AR from Dave Dalke he did not recommend using the 87mm MAF, or couldn't tune for it with his tuner, something like that. So he sold me the chip & 80mm MAF together along with the supercharger. Ultimately my engine builder didn't use ANY of the MAFs I had previously bought, or the chip, they are.

    Asking $125 for the MAF

    Asking $325 for the chip

    Asking $400 for both

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