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Thread: 2019 Midwest Bash - Head Count

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    lot of good reasons....NOT

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob_Royer View Post
    $200 in gas
    $200 for food/beer
    $350 for 3 nights in hotel
    $40/50 in tolls
    3 vacation days
    Missing my kid(s) band contest sat night
    $1100 for not working sat/sun

    And more than half the people have/will bail for weather including my travel buddys. To sit in my hotel room in the rain all weekend.... yeah I will pass sorry not sorry.
    Your call we all had fun and YES we did get to spend a lot of time OUTSIDE in the SUN.. as for the distance you could always move closer There are a lot of great jobs and nice homes in these parts.. heck people came from Canada, ok city, even Dave D. made it here for all the fun and such.... So plan on next you or don't it is your call, but some people are never happy with anything so keep up if you can....Rich
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    I'm glad you guys had fun. I'm not moving I am quite happy with where I live. I'd have drove to lexington and hung out in the rain. I am assuming you guys didnt get to race so my prediction of hauling a car for 7hrs to not be able to race came true. Lexington is 2hrs so getting rained out is no big deal. I will be there next year IF it's not going to rain.
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    Cost to register for the Midwest Bash: $25.00

    Cost for gasoline round trip from Detroit: $146.08

    Fun with great cars and interesting people: Priceless!

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