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Thread: Mookie86 intro thread

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    Mookie86 intro thread

    I recently purchased a 92 TBSC and love it. It has 83k on it and is 100% stock.

    Plans are to keep it as clean as possible, basic bolt ons, lower it, and enjoy it for the piece of great special vehicle history it is.

    Ive owned numerous Honda's (some quick and some slow), 300 SRT8, Ram SRT10, old turbo Dodges, and much more.

    Ive always wanted an SC since high school.

    Currently also own an 11 Durango (wifes) and an 18 F150 5.Slo.

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    Sweet, enjoy it! Not sure how long basic will last for you.
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    Welcome ! Please post a few pics of your SC.

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    Thanks guys.

    I am currently chasing a lot of issues of having an old car.

    I replaced the stock tape deck and JBL system with a Kenwood unit, NVX 6x8 speakers, and did an amp bypass and removed the stock sub.

    Now I found that my blower motor isn't working, temp read out on the climate control isn't working, and ARC no longer works.

    Checked all fuses and wiring and all seem fine. ARC not too worried about because I have KYB's and Vogtland springs going on soon and plan to remove all the ARC components.

    I also have the ABS and brake like come on for a split second when I first push the pedal.

    Will post pics soon.

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