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Thread: LED lights

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    I've done LEDs on other cars, and just replaced the flasher module. I'd highly recommend doing that if you can (swap over the socket for the relay). I've got LEDs in the reverse lights because I had them left over from the last time I did that and one was burned out. I've also swapped out the fog lights with and entire new assembly on my '89. I think I might have them upside down, cause they will light up the neighbors house when I flip them on (to high of beam) but they will light up a dark road. I'd love to hear if anyone has replaced the bulbs in the HVAC. Half of mine is dark, but I haven't pulled it out to see if they are even replaceable.

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    HVAC bulbs are replaceable. Ford sells them cheap.

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    Custom lights

    Quote Originally Posted by potshotscott View Post
    Any chance you can share part numbers for LED's you've installed? The flasher info is great - interested in the bulb choices.
    I can't really help on that. I designed some completely new headlights and eliminated the factory front turn signals for something different so none of my numbers would help. It's been a long-running project I only just finished...sort of. I'm trying to get the finishing touches done in time for a big all-Ford show at the end of the month.

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