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Thread: Greatings from upstate ny

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    Greatings from upstate ny

    Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. My name is dario i live in upstate ny in liverpool by syracuse. I just bought a 89 sc 2 owner car with 53k on it it is a 5 speed and i drove 680 miles each way to southern virginia to trailer it back car is originaly from richmond and it looks like it has never seen even rain lol ( we dont see cars up here this nice) so yes im very excited. Car is stock and everything works except passenger window does not go down but that should be a easy fix. I worked on cars for years and im mechanically inclined. I even got the original window sticker for the car . so im looking forward to learn as much as i can here. Quick back story my first car was a 90 tbird base model and i also owned a 94 v8 later i always wanted a sc ever since i seen one and now i came acros this 20 years later lol so i could not pass it up. Anyways just to introduce my self looking forward sharing and learning from you guys

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    Here is a pic

    Name:  IMG_0545.jpg
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Size:  174.0 KB here is a picture

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    Welcome and very nice!

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    Looks great

    You may have had to wait a long time to get one, but it sure looks like you got a good one. Congrats and welcome.

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    That looks like a fun project. Welcome and enjoy!

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    Congrats and welcome! Nice looking SC
    Matt Haub
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