Sorry. We do not know a lot about this car. Our son left it in our driveway and moved away. We can scrap if for about $500, but he would like to see it go to someone who will fix it or use the parts.

It is 1989 Red, manual trans and cloth interior. Not much rust

1. Blown Head Gasket.
2. Headliner inside is in tatters in the back.
3. Adjustable suspension is stuck in port mode (or firm or whatever)
4. Parking brakes will not release (I may fix this if I get to it).
5. Radio does not work
6. Rear fender has an unpainted repair.
7. Rear trunk deck has a dent.
8. Needs tires
9. Dead battery.

If we get $800 for it we will include the following parts:
Black trunk deck in good condition.
Black front bumper cover in pretty good condition.
Neutral rear bumper cover. Still in new packaging.
"Thunderbird" plastic reflective thingy that goes across the back. (I seem to remember this is from a slightly newer SC.

If we get less than $800 for the car, we will sell those parts separately. They sell for more than $800 individually.

HE drove it until the head gasket blew. When he parked it it still ran. It has been sitting for a year.

I am including the pictures we have. If we get serious interestName:  SC 1.jpg
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Size:  116.0 KB we can send more photos.

Thank you.