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Thread: Low-Budget YouTube Entertainment Series Featuring a Supercoupe (good or bad)

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    Low-Budget YouTube Entertainment Series Featuring a Supercoupe (good or bad)

    I've finally graduated from college, so now I want to try my hand at a project I've been wanting to do for years: make a live-action realistic-fiction series on YouTube that prominently features a 1990 Thunderbird SC. I do not currently have a script written for it yet, but I've spent years keeping notes and revising my ideas for (what I would consider) a semi-decent plot. I'm trying not to spoil too much, but this is the basic idea:

    A young and naÔve-but-humble Frederick L. Raleigh tries to purchase his late-uncle's Supercoupe before his extended family (located in another state) sells it for scrap metal. To his dismay, Fred discovers that his family already sold the car to a scrapyard mere hours before he arrived to purchase it. Even though Fred tracks down the junkyard that has the car, he is unable to persuade the apathetic owner to sell him the car since it has already been "entered into the system" and thus, wasn't worth the aggravation. Emotionally-compromised (and convinced that the car is more valuable than it really is), Fred steals the car under the cover of darkness and retreats back to his home state. One thing leads to another, and Fred finds himself living a double life where he hides the fact he stole the car (from his friends and immediate family) while he is constantly on the run from the police who are closing in on him. So, Fred ends up working various odd-jobs in small towns where nobody knows (or cares) that he may have stolen his daily driver. Eventually, Fred accidentally "sees something he wasn't supposed to" and winds up forming an uneasy alliance with an unsavory group of organized criminals who heavily compensate Fred (and let him live) in exchange for his driving services. All the while, parts on the Thunderbird keep wearing out and Fred pours nearly all of his money into keeping it running until he can figure out a plan to get himself out of the massive hole he dug for himself.

    The reason I am even bringing this up: I want to get into filmmaking, but I need to have some completed projects that I can point to. So, I am going to dedicate a lot of time to making a free-to-watch movie/series on YouTube that anyone can watch, but I need an audience (to provide feedback). Before I commit too much to this project, I wanted to see if members of the SCCoA would be interested in seeing it get turned into a reality. If so, let me know. I will make a teaser trailer and upload some test clips in the near future.

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    I'm not thrilled by the plot summary. That whole situation of stealing the car from the junkyard might be somewhat believable for something old and rare, but I don't buy it for an SC. Plus it sounds like after a short while the car becomes pretty irrelevant to moving the plot forward, and is no more than the explanation for how he got to this small town in the first place. I think the idea of having him be a getaway driver who uses his SC could work. That would allow for the car to occasionally fail at inopportune times, but always manage to get him out of whatever situation he is in, which could be entertaining.

    Regardless of what it is, I'll watch it, cause it has an SC in it, and was made by an SCCoA member, but if you are looking for this to be well received by other people who are not SC enthusiasts, that would be my suggestion.

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    Thank you for your feedback. Rest assured, the car is integral to the plot.

    Thereís a twist Iím trying not to spoil, but I will take what you said into consideration (nothing is filmed yet, so you guys can have a big influence on what gets made).

    Iím going to work on a trailer soon. But Iíll keep checking on the forum for other suggestions.

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