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Thread: Low-Budget YouTube Entertainment Series Featuring a Supercoupe (good or bad)

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    Sounds cool. Sorry, I'm late to the thread, I don't check in here often and I broke my collarbone a month ago so I've been down for a while.

    I've done several Tbird based videos for the Joel Bender Summer Blast and videos of my car at the track in the past. Good luck with your project! I look forward to seeing it! What equipment are you using (Cameras, Lenses, Audio recorders, etc.)? What are you editing with? It's amazing how far the cameras, software and available LUTs for color grading have come.

    Here's a sampling of some of my works from years ago. I look forward to seeing what you turn out. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Just let me know.

    A really good night at zMax:

    I also made the intro for ProDyno:
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