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Thread: Generic Ford A/C question

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    Generic Ford A/C question

    So I know this is the SC site but I have a Ford A/C related question. My 2008 Escape has a leak whereby the refrigerant in the AC system will leak out completely in about 3 days. I've used a manifold set to draw major vacuum on the system and it holds for several days when its empty and under vacuum. My question is this - the A/C compressor has a bolt/fitting on it that was about a half turn loose. What is this bolt/fitting for and could it be part of my leak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by potshotscott View Post
    What is this bolt/fitting for...
    Without photos that 'bolt' could be anything and not be a culprit.

    and could it be part of my leak?
    If it's actually a fitting, sure, any fitting could be suspected of leaking. If the system can hold a vacuum for several days and yet lose all charge in just a few days, that sounds like the valve isn't seating when the system is otherwise closed up and the hoses are disconnected. It wouldn't play a role when holding a vacuum... Have you replaced the schrader valves in the ports?

    Suggest you introduce a dye tracer and hunt w/a UV light.
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