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Thread: F.S. Black Canadian Interior pieces - enough to do the seat belt conversion + extras

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    I would like the 2 A pillers. Could probably put them in a usps golf club box only $20 to ship it they fit

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    I'm still obsessed with these parts. Still figuring out when/if I can head your way. I'm mostly interested in all parts for the Canadian seat belt conversion and fold down rear seat (in case you have already sold some of the other random parts).

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    seat belts

    I am interested in converting the seat belts in my 90 (driver side shoulder belt track has been broken for years). I would not need any of the back seat parts, but would I need the metal front seat bases or can I use the existing lap belt hardware I have? I though I would just need all the trim above the doors and also the rear quarters for the proper access holes (and the belts) - am I incorrect?
    Yes, I'm in the states, but I am still curious about this - if you have the parts and could give any insight, I would be grateful. Thanks.

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