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Thread: crank sensor replacement

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    crank sensor replacement

    during my diagnosis, pin 1 on my crank sensor is not blinking.

    i'm aware i'll be in need of an other one, however, what is the best way to get that thing out? i was doing some looking and some people have had luck getting it off without removing anything (saw a video on a XR7)


    is the SCCOA article the best way to go? i already have belts off so i'm just getting a game plan going now.

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    You can go in from underneath with a 6 inch extension and the correct socket - I'd suggest 1/4" drive tools. Yes its a pain but it can be done. I recently removed and replaced mine without issue. Be careful with the connector as you can damage the retaining clip pretty easily. There is a cover and the sensor. They are both secured by their own nuts. I think it's 8mm IIRC.

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