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Thread: Five things I learned from the Midwest Bash

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    how about those beer mugs??

    Quote Originally Posted by David Neibert View Post

    Nice job on the meet. Sorry we had to miss it and we will plan on being there next year. Turbocharged 4.5 looks real good...have you got it working with boost yet ?

    What did you think of those beer mugs you got?? Do you like them?? Let me know, I still have some left over.....that are for sale.....Rich
    Too many cars,too little time to drive them. Anything less than 500 cubes is a small block. If you slow down in life you will get run over..

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    Five things I learned:
    1. Driving through Chicago during morning rush hour, pulling the trailer with my junk on it, was a treat that my GPS gave me.
    2. The toll roads over there have no posted rates. They seem to charge whatever they feel like.
    3. Kurt K has expensive taste in beer.
    4. The die hards made the trip well worth it, as well as the organizers, hotel, etc.
    5. Mother nature can be heartless.
    6. Definitely a do over. See you all next year.


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