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    Smile New Super Coupe Owner

    I have recently bought a 1992 Super Coupe with the Mazda manual transmission. The owner was going to send it to the crusher if nobody bought the car. I couldn't let a car like this go. It needs power steering lines, driver and passenger floor boards as well as rocker panels on the driver and passenger sides. If anyone has a parts diagram for the power steering assembly, I would appreciate it very much.

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    Check out this thread, it will show you where to buy the seals. As far as the lines go, its going to be really hard to replace the lines because there are 2 fittings on the rack and pinion(1 high pressure and 1 return) that are very hard to get to. The high pressure line comes off the power steering pump and goes down on the k member next to the oil filter. The return line comes off the bottom of the power steering pump and a ruber hose that connects to a metal pipe the connects to a ruber hose that connects to a power steering cooler( in the bumper) that connects to a ruber hose that connects to a metal pipe that connects to a ruber hose that connects to a fitting on the rack.

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    I think the previous owner was on the right path. If the car needs floor boards and rockers, it really needs scrapped. You can get very nice running supercoupes for soooooo much less money than youll have in this rusted one.
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    Kevin, thank you for the information. I really appreciate it. It seems like I made the car sound worse than it really is regarding rust. It's not a Flintstones's mobile. The driver floor needs a small patch, about the size of an aluminum can and the passenger floor might be solid. I haven't looked enough. The rocker panels are there still, I didn't mean to say they were gone beyond shape. This car was never driven in winter, it just sat outside in a gravel driveway so the rust really is not so bad as it may have sounded in my original post. The car was $500 so I'm still debating pulling the engine and trans anyways.


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    Most likely your power steering issues were caused by the motor mounts failing. Usually the factory mounts fail and then the oil pan/engine crush the high pressure line.

    Good luck on the new ownership, sounds like it needs your TLC.

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    Thanks Tim, I checked the mounts are they are in good shape. The car has around 50k miles on it. I also checked out the floors and it needs a patch on the driver's side about 7"x5". The rest is surface rust or nothing at all but not rotten. Driver's side rocker panel is ok and passenger side rocker needs some work around the quarter panel. Power steering lines are in and everything is back together with no leaks. Thankfully. Runs good.

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