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Thread: 35th Revival

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    35th Revival

    It's been too long of a time coming... I want to get my 35th out and going again. What stopped it? The ABS took a dive and I started swapping to conventional brakes. The weather got cold, the car went to storage, life got in the way... Life has changed directions and opportunity may present itself to bring it back. It's been sitting in a barn long enough, I'm not sure a good cleaning will suffice for the interior. I think I need to pull a lot of it and replace it with new. I was hoping to find a cheap, early SC with black interior and just swap everything over and scrap the rest of the car. Truthfully, I probably just need the carpet (interior and trunk). I was hoping to recover the seats (they needed it anyway) and I could probably get the headliner done as well. I'd like to think that I can use some spray cleaners on the plastics and get rid of the smell from there.

    Other plans include changing fluids, at least the oil. I should probably have the coolant flushed and change other fluids while I'm at it. And I believe the oil cooler leaked.

    - Interior clean up
    - Fluid change
    - Finish brake swap
    - Refinish the original 35th wheels (not looking forward to the cost of this one) and put on new tires

    Posting here so I have a reminder for myself And if anyone close to Nebraska has black interior parts, let me know. Perhaps we can make a deal.

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    some ideas for you

    I just got done putting an after market carpet in one of my 35th's and it did fit good. This might be an idea for you to try. as for the rest of the interior, give me a shot as I still have a few 35th's sitting for parts....Rich
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    Milwaukee isn't a terrible drive from Omaha... let me know what panels you have and what you want for them. Money has gotten alittle tighter as of lately, but hopefully this job change will help that.

    In a perfect world, I want to find a 90 SC with black interior - seat material doesn't matter - without a sunroof so I can take pretty much the entire thing. Panels, dash, rear deck carpet, headliner, etc. But I'm not against taking the headliner or rear deck carpet to a local shop and have them redone.

    Where did you get the carpet from? I haven't really researched anywhere for carpet. The whole project has been on the back burner sadly.

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