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Thread: AOD research

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    AOD research

    With Alan gone, I am trying to gather knowledge on what options are at my disposal.

    I’m hoping to install the 350whp engine in front of an automatic budget permitting, I will be 3.27 in the back, 90 SC AOD as a core likely. Torque converter options, solid input vs direct drive or direct drive with a stronger shaft, stall, ballooning, valvebodies with stock pattern vs manual pattern and switch OD. Wide gear sets, My head hurts. What is the road most taken for street performance trans. I’m sure slick or radials will go behind the car but maybe once a year.
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    My advice would be forget about the AOD, and get a 4r70 from a 99+ v6 Mustang with a stand-alone controller. If you must stick with an AOD, just get a Lentech, but by the time you get all the wanted/needed upgrades, you will likely be spending $4k, and it still won’t perform as well or have as much adjustability as the 4r70 with the stand alone controller.

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    Hey MadMikey is there any threads where anyone has used a stand-alone controller for a 89-92 Thunderbird. I just want to see how well they work and how long they last before making any decisions. I definitely dont think its worth swapping ecu's etc to use a 4R70w unless your good at that kind of stuff, labor would cost way too much.

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    I'm running dual input shafts with 300M inner, 10" 3000 stall precision industries stallion non lockup converter, and Lentech Stage 1 valve body that has the electronic OD lock out. 100% street driven now, but has been in my car for the last 11 years so its been raced. Good street manners and stays cool with the stand alone trans cooler and fan. Whole setup with driveshaft most likely be for sale this time next year.

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    If looking for a strong AOD, This is where I would start. That said I think Lentech still makes the best AOD VB.

    1991 SC AOD 4.2..2.3 Whipple..........10.910 @ 125.61
    2016 SRT Challenger Hellcat.............10.597 @ 135.78

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