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Thread: 1994 SC Roller, no title $300

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    1994 SC Roller, no title $300

    It's located in North West Arkansas. My friend can't find the title and it's just sitting in my mothers driveway. I pulled the engine and trans as it had sat for 4 years with a blown head gasket. I'll keep the engine and trans but the car has everything else. Almost perfect Grey leather interior besides the back of the rear seat, paint is very faded (was black) but no rust or body damage. If you are near me and want to come pick it up for $300 it's yours. Not interested in parting it out just want someone to use it so i don't have to scrap it. I'll try and get some pics up of it tomorrow.
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    Interior is actually grey in color, been a long time since i had looked at it.

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    If you do part it out ...

    I know you aren't yet interested in parting her out, but if you should make that decision the interior looks fantastic. I desperately need sun visors for a moon roof car. I'd also be interested in the whole center console, as well as the moon roof interior slider.

    The rear seats appear to be fold down, which are a very nice option. Front seats look immaculate also. You should be able to get great money for those - I'm afraid shipping would be too much to East coast for me.
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    yeah the rear seat does fold down, that's how i get the trunk open lol. Yeah the neighbor hood where it's at complains about vehicles being taken apart and i don't really want to mess with shipping stuff at this point.

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    Where in NW Arkansas are you located? What is the best way to contact you? I'm happy to provide my number. 607-760-6151

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    Car is being parted out now. Go here for part inquires
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