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Thread: I may be new here but, I'm not a new SC owner

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    I may be new here but, I'm not a new SC owner

    Hello fellow SC fans,

    I've been lurking around here off and on for awhile but, I've happened upon something others here may be interested in. While doing a part search for my car on the net, I happened upon a 1995 XR7. It only has 54000 original miles and was in perfect condition. Unfortunately it was involved in an accident which caused some significant damage to the right rear quarter panel and some minor damage to the right front fender. I realize this is not a SC but, as you know, being an XR7 it has the electronic suspension and other systems associated with that car. If parts from this car are of interest I'll be happy to post ads and pictures in the parts for sale section. I just didn't know if this was a place that these parts could find new homes.
    About the car:
    Black W/ med. gray interior (absolutely perfect), Doors good (zero rust), Hood (zero rust) Trunk lid (zero rust), Motor and Transmission gone (5.0 - automatic), 7 spoke wheels and tires, all glass, complete dash. many parts. The only items missing so far are the eng.trans, and computer. The only body panels that are not usable are the RT. fender, Rt. quarter, and both bumper covers.

    This is not a sale ad.... I'm trying to determine if a 1995 XR7 parts car is appropriate for this web sight. Thanks for your time.


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    We can see what other SCCoA members say, but you could also check TCCoA, which includes Thunderbirds and Cougars as well as Lincoln MKVIIIs.

    I hate seeing perfectly good MN12 platform parts go to waste.
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