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Thread: 1991 5 speed problems

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    1991 5 speed problems

    I wanted to post this in the drive train Forms but, I donít have permission to yet. I also tried the search and couldnít find much . Sorry, for my uneducated questions.

    I just bought a 1991 thunderbird sc . It needed a clutch so it got a clutch and I found 2 gear is gone. I saw on eBay one from the speed shop but, itís not graded and $700. What would yíall do? Rebuild ( Iím paying to have it done also ) .

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    You're lucky - you indicated you live in Ohio, which is where the SC expert Dave Dalke is head quartered - suggest you get in contact on all things SC:

    Super Coupes Unlimited Inc. - 3701 N Ridge Rd W, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004
    Forums user: XR7 Dave (note you need minimum 10 posts to be able to PM) -
    [email protected]
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    that's awesome, that's really close too ! thank you

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