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Thread: another crazy guy. 91, silver, auto - $21K

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    another crazy guy. 91, silver, auto - $21K

    Seriously $21K?

    These guys should understand if you put a new engine, you ain't going to get every single dollar. But I do not understand when someone spends a lot of money and tries to immediately sell it. Doesn't work that way, but well good luck selling it.

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    It's good to see people asking for fair value out of their SC's. You can't build one for that so if you want that exact car and have the cash it might make sense. I know there are nice cars out there for a fraction of that price, but I'd also be very curious to see what that one actually goes for. GLWS!
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    So it has a new motor with 10k on it but states that the car/odometer has only 10k on it.............something isn't correct there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickleman60 View Post
    So it has a new motor with 10k on it but states that the car/odometer has only 10k on it.............something isn't correct there.
    I caught this too. I'm kinda with XR7 Dave on this one. Mostly because I LOVE capitalism. If the market will bear the sale price then its a good deal for whoever buys and whoever sells it. Would be nice to start seeing values go up on these cars - especially for those of us who kept them stock.

    When you stop to think about the asking price back in 1989-1995 vs. today and then you think about what some cars go for today the $21000 price is "decent". I just bought a 2019 Edge on dealer demo with 3000 miles on it for $24K. When you put it in perspective it starts to make at least some sense. If I didn't have a wife giving me the WTH looks then a $21K SC might make a whole lot more sense as I think you've accurately articulated, "you can't build it for that price".
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    Yah, what's the actual mileage. While it does appear to be a very nice car he will never see 21K for it. That's just the reality of these cars, they're not a collectable and I'm fine with that, I likem' and you can still get a very good example for sane money.

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