Had to take a bunch of wrench time off due to health reasons. Still not back 100%, probably never, but working on getting as good as I can.
Finally got enough $$ to move forward some. New Ford Performance SCJ heads came in along with the Blue Thunder intake and Holley lower plenum. Found some bolts to attach the heads to the intake (not on engine) so I could start working on injector placement. Local machine shop is on shorter hours and I get up late morning. Need to get an estimate on block work. Then see what is left over. To stroke or not. Got a line on a Lunati cam kit, custom flywheel with GM clutch set (for LS1 T56). Still need to pick out a fuel pump and bigger fuel line. —— HEY RICH, what size line should I go with? putting together a shopping list for: parts to build motor mounts. Manifolds/Headers. Then the accessories drive. I think that’s enough for now.