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Thread: Starting to drive my 95 more regularly

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    Last 2 years I've been just enjoying occasional trips with the family to get ice cream etc, and local car meets with mine. Getting the nods and compliments for people that remember the Thunderbird of the era and have not seen one in quite sometime. Its at the point where it needs a few things done to appease what I want, but the days of seeking every little extra HP out of the V6 are gone. Enjoy the drive of the car for what it is, and not a direct competitor to today's modern platform sports cars.
    I take mine to work once a week when there isn't work I'm doing to it, when I went out for my lunch break recently I had a guy shout at me "nice Thunderbird." Felt pretty nice for someone to recognize it.

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    Hoping to drive mine much more later this year. It's been at my brother-in-law's garage getting some much needed "small" things done over the winter months. Should be able to go pick it up in the next few weeks. I typically don't drive it more than 750-1000 miles per year.

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    Great pics you guys, awesome cars!!!
    Tom Downs-member#2752
    MPX'd 90 SC Auto~bought Feb. 2012
    RIP MOM!!! I will always miss and think about you 4Ever! 1940-2018
    RIP Rexy boy!!!! Miss my dog 2006-2018

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    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe and unboard lol. I'm having my original SC wheels powder coated and hoping I'll pick them up acouple hrs. ago today haha.

    There is definitely a nice and fun feeling when driving Supercoupes! I have and am sure most here have drivin plenty of faster cars. I have a 5 speed SC now which I really like driving even if it is under 1000 miles a year. Last fast manual balls to the wall cars I drove was acouple different new Hellcats while I was working for Dodge. Those things can get pretty scary when your driving them hard around the block or even freeway driving lmao.
    And speaking of I'd rather keep a 710+ horsepower Supercoupe then most 710+ cars.
    Someday I'll be reaching out to a few of you Supercoupe experts on how to make monster horsepower like that on mine....thumbs up!
    Supercoupes are pretty cool with that electric response zip feel.
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